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The KEEP MULTIHULL SIMPLE With Legendary Catamaran Designer James Wharram

Unique Sailing Catamarans from the man who invented them - James Wharram

For those interested in seaworthy boat design and development, this program documents an intimate view of the design process, from legendary catamaran designer, James Wharam.

James Wharram is without doubt one of the most renowned figures in the catamaran scene around the world. No other multihull designer has equivalent experience. He has designed, built and sailed catamarans for over 50 years. In this program Wharram gives an inside look at his philosophy of sailing and an intimate view of the design process and details of his catamaran - "Spirit of Gaja"

As a catamaran-designer, Wharram designs his boats according to the sailing canoes of the ancient Polynesians. In this program, James explains his thinking about yachts and cats and his special ideas and design details about his catamaran, "Spirit of Gaja." He discusses the philosophy of sailing and the special details which make a catamaran a real "Wharram Cat." They tell the story about the main structural parts of the boat which are only held together by ropes, saving weight by using double sheets instead of big winches. The quality of the Wharram self-built catamarans is reflected in their popularity, excellence of craftmanship and 'sound sailing qualities'. 50 years on - with 10,000 sets of plans sold and thousands turned into proud vessels, Wharram 'Cats' can be seen in harbors across the world maintaining the highest reputation for surviving wind and wave.

James Wharram; In the mid 50's, based on his research into ancient Polynesian boat design, James Wharram built the first off-shore Catamaran in Britain and sailed it out into the Atlantic. While the World's yachting community were busy dismissing such a design as a worthy sea-going vessel, James was landing his 23' 6" 'Double Hulled Canoe' in the West Indies. There he built a second 40' Polynesian style Catamaran and sailed it back to the UK, being the first to sail a catamaran across the North Atlantic. These amazing Trans-Atlantic crossings have etched the name 'James Wharram' into the annals of yachting history.

26 mins

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD Series

Based on the famous book and narrated by the author himself, host and demonstrator John Rousmaniere, these award-winning videos and DVD's are some of the most outstanding in the field.

John Rousmaniere, the author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship - "The most complete and best reference book on the sport that has ever been available," according to the American Sailing Association. As one of the sports' most acknowledged authorities, John Rousmaniere has covered more than 30,000 milide of blue water and has written fifteen books about the sea and sailing. Yach Racing and Cruising World Magazine awarded him its Medal of Achievement for Contribution to Yachting.

Get all five volumes. Save $30.00!
Vol. 1-5, $144.75 S9370DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Cruising Under Sail

"This is the best instructional program we have seen." - Dolphin Book Club.
"An excellent job of covering basic seamanship in this program." - Sailing World.

This is the most complete and detailed instructional DVD ever made about sailing, from the moment you first climb aboard, to dropping anchor. Every maneuver and technique is demonstrated clearly with plenty of close ups and action replays. John Rousmaniere demonstrates navigation, sailing and seamanship skills in a clear, easy to follow way. Detailed explanations, action replays and close up photography all combine to make this program extremely specific and easy to follow.

Subjects covered include:
Basic navigation and planning a cruise.
Sail handling and sail trim.
Anchoring and docking.
Steering and boat handling.
Safety at Sea.
Moving around on deck.
Knots, ropework and much more!

72 min.
Vol. 1, $34.95 Y370DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Heavy Weather Sailing

"Superb program, Rousmaniere is a natural teacher." - Cruising World.
"Will help Sailors be more confident and even enjoy sailing in heavy weather." - Gary Jobson.

Many sailors anxieties about sailing in winds stronger than 20 knots will be eased when they learn the lessons taught in this fast-paced and highly informative DVD about going out when the winds are strong and the seas are high. In this program, host-demonstrator John Rousmaniere shows the modern techniques and equipment for mastering tough conditions so that the experience becomes more enjoyable and less fearful. Maneuvers are demonstrated with detailed close-ups and animated graphics.

Subjects covered include:
Boat and crew preparation.
How to avoid falling overboard.
Storm tactics, including heaving to and drogue deployment.
Trimming and shortening sails in fresh, strong and gale winds.
Plus exciting footage from the Whitbread Round The World Race.

55 min.
Vol. 2, $34.95 Y371DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Safety At Sea

Endorsed by the United States Yacht Racing Union's Safety At Sea Committee.

This fast-paced informative program covers proven techniques and equipment for avoiding and handling nautical emergencies. Featuring host-demonstrator John Rousmaniere, this program is for everyone who realizes that enjoyment on the water depends on safety at sea. All subjects are clearly shown in action footage shot on board cruising sloops, with detailed animated graphics.

Subjects Covered Include:
Boat and crew preparation.
Staying on board.
Going aloft in a boatswains chair.
Realistic man-overboard equipment demonstrations.
Heaving to.
Use of flares.
Government Regulations.
Inflation of a life raft.

94 min.
Vol. 3, $34.95 Y372DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Sailboat Navigation

This program teaches you step-by-step how to find your way with classic dead reckoning piloting and today's electronic navigation instruments. Includes clear demonstrations on the water and in a simulated navigator's station in a Coast Guard certified navigation school. Professional production includes detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and imaginative presentations of how objects appear on the chart and water, in good and bad visibility.

Subjects Covered Include:
The chart and compass.
Radar for navigating and avoiding collisions.
The navigation rules.
Finding your way in fog and at night.
Taking and plotting bearings.
Allowing for tidal current.
Tips and tricks for quick decisions.

70 min.
Vol. 4, $34.95 Y373DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship DVD
Daysailers Sailing & Racing

In this program, you will learn how to sail and enjoy the most popular of all sailboats - the keel daysailers and small keel sailing boats. Beginning with hull design, this program covers getting underway, boat handling and includes an introduction to the sport of sailboat racing. This program is packed with information including detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and a strong emphasis on safety.

Subjects covered include:
Tacking and Jibing.
How to shape the sails.
Life jacket type and use.
Crew organization.
The spinnaker.
Essential racing skills.
Navigation rules.
Man overboard rescue.

75 min.
Vol. 5, $34.95 Y374DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos
Cruising Under Sail

"The best instructional video I have ever seen." - Dolphin Book Club.

Clear demonstrations of the many skills required for successful cruising. Includes crew organization, navigation, sail trim, docking, safety, anchoring, steering and handling. 72 min.
  Vol. 1, $34.95 Y370DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos
Heavy Weather Sailing

"Will help sailors be more confident and even enjoy sailing in heavy weather." - Gary Jobson.

Rousmaniere's demonstrations include boat preparation, crew readiness, shortening sail, heaving to, use of a drogue, steering techniques. 55 min.
  Vol. 2, $34.95 Y371DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos
Safety At Sea

Clear action demonstrations of boat and crew preparation, changing halyards, going aloft, route planning, crew overboard recovery, stopping the boat, injuries, calling for help, flares, and life-raft inflation. 94 min.
  Vol. 3, $34.95 Y372DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos
Sailboat Navigation

Step-by-step demonstrations of high-tech electronic navigation, loran, radar, classic piloting and dead-reckoning in good weather, in fog, by day and by night. Produced in association with the US Coast Guard. 70 min.
  Vol. 4, $34.95 Y373DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos
Daysailers Sailing & Racing

For the novice and intermediate sailor of small keel boats. Includes hull design, rigging, boat handling, tacking and jibing, crew overboard rescue, spinnaker work and club racing. 75 min.
  Vol. 5, $34.95 Y374DVD

The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Videos

"If you're looking for a basic introduction to boating skills, On The Water Boating Tips is your video!" - People Magazine

Based on the famous book and narrated by the author himself, John Rousmaniere, these award-winning videos are some of the most outstanding in the field.

Get all five volumes. Save $30.00!

Vol. 1-5, $144.75 S9370DVD

Weather To Go Boating

Become a better mariner by learning observation, interpretation and understanding weather and forecasts. Among the subjects covered are wind, waves, storms, weather maps & symbols, tides, fronts, clouds, fog, sources of information and forecasts. 90 min.

$29.95 H607DVD


Crossing the Atlantic under sail is an experience every yachtsman dreams of. This program takes you through the 5,000 mile Trade Winds route from Ireland to the winter sunshine of the Caribbean. A 44 foot yawl with no engine, an amateur crew and Don Street, author of The Ocean Sailing Yacht – and The Caribbean Cruising Guide, make this a passage packed with practical value. The first landfall is Vigo, just to weather of Cape Finisterre - in the shipping lanes in dense fog with only a sextant and an ancient RDF to help you. Then out across the bare ocean to the tiny island of Porto Santo. There’s enchanting Madeira, the haunting isolation of the Salvage Islands and the commercialism of the Canaries. The Trade Winds fill in at 20 N., where we start the exciting reach down to the Third World of Cape Verdes. The last leg is 2100 nm downwind. We see whales and almost loose the mainmast before ending our Atlantic crossing on beautiful Antigua.
120 mins

$ 29.95 C440DVD

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