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Sail Navigation DVD Set

Cruising Under Sail & Sailboat Navigation. Featuring World-renowned sailing expert John Rousmaniere, each program teaches navigation, sailing & seamanship skills with detailed explanations & on-the-water instruction. SAVE $10.00!


Boating's Top 60 Tips - Navigation

Produced in association with BOATING MAGAZINE.

Covers all the basic navigation requirements required plus several vital tips that will make navigating from one point to another much simpler and safer. Boaters of all ages and levels will discover vital steps that will make your boating experience more enjoyable. 45 min.
$29.95 H473DVD

Modern Coastal Piloting

"This tape is well planned and executed and is well worth viewing by those who want to recall or launch themselves for the first time into the fundamentals of marine coastal navigation." - Navigator's Newsletter

With this tape, not only will you learn the traditional methods of coastal piloting, compass use, speed/time/distance equations, deviation and variation, bow and beam bearings, running fixes, lat and long, navigation aids, but also the modern ways of position determination; Loran, Radar and T.D.'s. 68 min.

$29.95 N391DVD

Wm. F. Buckley Jr.'s Celestial Navigation Simplified

Join this world-renowned personality for the most unique program on celestial navigation ever. Mr. Buckley simply and clearly explains the theory and practice of Celestial Navigation and teaches the noon shot. Using computer graphics, he illuminates on the finer points of GP (Geographical Position), GHA and GMT. Worth twelve weeks of night school! 39 min.

$39.95 N203DVD

Celestial Navigation For The Complete Idiot

Covers coastal piloting, magnetic compass rose, chart plotting, latitude & longitude, nautical & air almanac. 90 min.

$29.95 N359DVD

Celestial Navigation Sextant Use

Covers the basics of celestial navigation, Sextant, lat. & long., GMT, zenith distance and navigating any where in the world. 120 min.
$34.95 N303DVD

Powerboat Navigation

Produced in association with the U.S. Coast Guard, this video provides complete instruction in all aspects of powerboat navigation day and night, in good weather, fog and storms. Detailed section on electronic aids includes identification and plotting of objects on radar, use of Loran and RDF. 68 min.
$34.95 N375DVD

Using Single Sideband

Designed to simplify all of the dials and switches to turn you into a SSB expert. Covers radio telephone, frequency, channel selection, antennas, tuners and grounding. 50 min.

$29.95 N788DVD


Sail through some stunning cruising grounds and learn all the coastal navigation skills you need to know!
In this practical on-the-water approach, Rob MacLeod lays out the basics of navigation to give you the skills and confidence to go out and explore the coastlines at home and abroad. You'll learn to take bearings on the famous volcanic peaks of St.Lucia and to navigate in tidal currents. Covers charts, course plotting, dead reckoning, variation, deviation, bearings, fixes, tides, currents and aids to navigation. 100 min.

$29.95 Y9102DVD

DVD Set The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Series With John Rousmaniere

5 Program DVD Set includes the following five programs. Crusing Under Sail Heavy Weather Sailing Safety At Sea Sailboat Navigation Daysailors Racing & Sailing Based on the famous book and narrated by the author John Rousmaniere - this award-winning DVD series are some of the most outstanding programs in their field. As one of the sports' most acknowledged authorities, John Rousmaniere has covered more than 30,000 miles of blue water and has written fifteen books about the sea and sailing. Yach Racing and Cruising World Magazine awarded him its Medal of Achievement for Contribution to Yachting. Minutes: 127 mins
Sale Price $144.75


DVD The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship - Sailboat Navigation

This program teaches you step-by-step how to find your way with classic dead reckoning piloting and today's electronic navigation instruments. Includes clear demonstrations on the water and in a simulated navigator's station in a Coast Guard certified navigation school. Professional production includes detailed close-ups, helpful graphics and imaginative presentations of how objects appear on the chart and water, in good and bad visibility. Subjects Covered Include: The chart and compass. GPS. Radar for navigating and avoiding collisions. The navigation rules. Finding your way in fog and at night. Taking and plotting bearings. Allowing for tidal current. Tips and tricks for quick decisions. Minutes: 70 mins
Sale Price $29.95


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