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Each of these easy to follow videos covers everything from engine maintenance, and electrical systems, cosmetic gelcoat & fiberglass repair, varnishing & painting, haul out and bottom work and safety gear maintenance.

Get the program for your type of boat and keep it running smoothly year after year.

$29.95 H4596DVD

$29.95 H472DVD

$29.95 H921DVD


Mid-Season Maintenance - Tips From a Pro!

Spring commissioning & fall lay-ups are the times when most of the maintenance on boats should be preformed, however boaters must take the time during the middle of the season to check the conditions of belts, hoses, batteries, plumbing, filters & safety equipment to ensure everything is working well and properly maintained. This program provides a "check-list" of procedures that should be completed during the mid-season in order to keep your boat in good condition & information on "what to look for" and "what to do" if and when something needs attention. Covers: filters, bilge, electrical wiring, docks & anchor lines, battery lights, Zincs, life rafts, EPIRB's, anchors, through hull fittings, electronics & more. 50 min.

$34.95 H4591DVD

Boating's Top 60 Tips - Maintenance

Produced in association with BOATING MAGAZINE.

Topics include winter lay-ups, spring start-ups, diesel and gas engine maintenance, refinishing, waxing, electronics, general boat maintenance and lots more. 45 min
$34.95 H299DVD

DVD Maintaining & Servicing Your Mercury Outboard Engine

Learn to properly maintain your own outboard motor, avoid steep service bills and generate personal trust in your equipment. Doing your own maintenance and service on your Mercury outboard motor is easy, engaging, and best of all, will save you money! This innovative, self-directed DVD features renowned outboard motor mechanic, Dan Jones as he takes you step-by-step through basic servicing, winterizing and getting your motor ready for the next boating season. Dan explains everything required for success, including: flushing, grease & lube points, the fuel system, the ignition system, the lower unit and secrets of the propeller. Dan's professional and crystal clear presentation covers 2 stroke Mercury motors from 4HP to 25HP and lets you choose the precise information that's right for your specific motor and task at hand.
Minutes: 60 mins

Price: $29.95 H4596DVD

DVD Spring Commissioning & Winterizing Your Boat

Contains 2 Programs. Learn how to protect your boat's engine, woodwork, interior & exterior, fuel & electrical system & more! Teaches the professional methods to prepare for winter storage. Learn complete Spring Fitting Out Procedures. Covers engine, plumbing, batteries, hull, trailer & more! As a major investment, your boat needs periodic maintenance in order to protect its value. Knowing you to properly prepare your boat for storage during the off-season will ensure a healthy return on your investment as well as years of boating enjoyment. "Winterizing Your Boat" is designed to teach you the professional methods for preparing a boat for winter storage. Presented in a step-by-step manner, this section introduces you to the tools, materials and procedures you'll need to know in order to perform your boat's engine, woodwork, interior & exterior, fuel system, electrical system and more! After months in winter storage, your boat needs special attention in order for you to take your first cruise of the new season with confidence. "Spring Commissioning" takes you through the tasks you'll need to perform when you take your boat out of its winter storage. Along with tips from the pros, this section will familiarize you with the tools, materials and techniques needed to perform complete Spring Fitting Out procedures on your engine, plumbing, batteries, interior, hull, trailer and more! Minutes: 80 mins

Price: $40.95 H9256DVD
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