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NEW! Classic Racing Sailing DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $114.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $94.85

Includes: Pacific High, Return of the J's, Transpac

Documentaries Featuring:
• The World-famous Newport- Ensenada Yacht Race - over 125 miles of    unpredictable sailing
• 100 years of drama in the Transpac including Ted Sierks being rescued after being    lost overboard for 29 hours
• Three J-Class yachts designed to compete in the America’s Cup between q1930 &   1937

$94.85 SSCLASS

NEW! Sail with Confidence DVD Set
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $94.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $74.85

Includes: Sailing with Confidence, The Sixty Minute Sailor, Learning To Sail.

• Basics of “getting started”
• Intermediate helmsmanship & maneuvers
• Advanced heavy weather sailing
• Points of sailing, tacking & gibing
• Beaching, anchoring & docking
• Set & trim sails to harness the wind
• Racing basics


NEW! Learn to Sail DVD Kit
SAVE $20.00!

Reg. $104.85 3 DVD Set ONLY $84.85

Includes: Basics of Sailing, Improve Your Sailing Skills & Cruising Under Sail.

• Rigging & parts of the boat
• Hoisting sails, gibing & coming about
• Wrangling the spinnaker
• Navigation, sailing & seamanship skills
• Steering & sail handling
• Intermediate sail trim & draft control
• Reefing, spinnaker, tacking & jibing
• Safety & Anchoring


Watch Online now

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Basics of Sailing with Penny Whiting

One of the clearest, most user-friendly teaching guides for those going afloat for the first time." A detailed, step-by-step guide to the basics of sailing which teaches, what to know before you go sailing, getting underway, the secrets of sailing and mastering the art of sailing. With on the water instruction, this program covers every aspect of sailing including the skills and confidence of boat handling and how to sail a 47 foot keel boat. Penny Whiting, is New Zealand's leading sailing instructor and a popular television yachting commentator. Learn: Rigging & parts of the boat, hoisting sails, gybing & coming about, reefing & knot tying, wrangling the spinaker & much more! Penny is the owner-operator of the "Penny Whiting Sailing School" which has taught more than 20,000 students to learn how to sail.

80 min

$34.95 R7087DVD

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Sailing Tips DVD Set

Top 60 Tips & 100 Sailing Mistakes. Teaches all the tips, techniques & knowledge to sail from shore including maneuvers, navigating, jibbing, tacking docking, piloting & the most common mistakes & how to avoid them. SAVE $10.00!


Learn to Sail DVD Set

Learn to Sail & Improve Your Sailing Skills. A complete basic-to-intermediate sailing course featuring Steve Colgate along with a great program for the intermediate sailor taught by professional sailors. SAVE $10.00!


Top 60 Tips Sailing

Sail with Confidence! Learn: Tying knots, navigating, trimming sails, jibbing and tacking, basic seamanship & much more!

Tying knots, navigating, trimming sails, jibbing and tacking, basic seamanship - tips to make it easier are all right here! This program teaches the necessary tips, techniques and knowledge to sail from shore and get back to the dock safely.

Subjects Covered Include: Preparing the sails. Hoisting the sails. Wind. Weather. Tides & Currents. Casting Off. Sailing Maneuvers. Safety. Pulling in Lines. Anchoring. Navigating. Electronics. Navigation Rules. Aids to Navigation. Docking. Maintenance. Purchasing a Boat. Piloting.
2004 Release - Pre-Order Now!
50 min.

$34.95 H4776DVD

Teaching Kids How To Sail

Learn To Sail With Steve Colgate, Olympic Champion

A comprehensive guide for young people and their parents discovering the joys of sailing. As one of America's best youth sailing programs, certified instructors at the prestigious San Francisco Yacht Club lead students through the basics of seamanship. Includes basic seamanship maneuvers such as; safety techniques, starting, stopping, docking, tacking, jibing, man overboard rescue and lots more. 40 min.

$29.95 Y388DVD

Learn To Sail

"The world's best selling learn to sail video!"

Olympic sailor, noted author and founder of the world-renowned Off-Shore Sailing School, Steve Colgate takes TV and film stars Audrey Landers and Sam Jones through a complete basic-to-intermediate sailing course. Aboard a 27 foot Soling, they learn all of the language, tips and techniques that will make you a seasoned sailor in no time. An excellent program for the entire family. 100 min.
$34.95 Y381DVD

Sail Trimming

Presented by Peter Bateman, an expert yachtsman and world champion, Sail Trimming is an instructional program aimed at helping yachtsmen trim sails more effectively in order to make their boats go faster. Using a combination of graphics and excellent onboard photography, this program demonstrates the basics of sail trimming in an easy to understand manner and gives a perfect perspective for understanding sail shapes and sail trim. Teaches: GENOAS - where best to check the shape; which shapes to have for each condition; how to adjust and trim to get the desired shape. MAINSAILS - how to set up the mainsail for fine tuning; trimming to balance the helm; how to make the boat accelerate; working with the helmsman to get the best boatspeed and highest pointing to windward; how to tune both mainsail and genoa to set as one unit. SPINNAKERS - How to adjust the rig for downwind sailing, the correct way to set spinnaker pole height and angle for maximum speed; how to identify the wrong shape and correct it; tipos on how to control a spinnaker in heavy weather. 34 min.

$29.95 R129DVD

Sixty Minute Sailor

Learn sailing fundamentals with this excellent video! You'll get theory and practice including nomenclature, rigging, points of sailing, tacking, and gybing, safety, beaching, anchoring, docking, and much, much, more. Teaches with graphics, computer animation and exciting footage shot in San Francisco Bay. 60 min.

$29.95 Y382DVD

Learning to Sail

Learn the skills needed to sail both small and large boats with confidence! Join Rob MacLeod in this practical, skills-oriented approach designed to get you sailing right away. Teaches how to quickly gain confidence in handling small and large boats and how to set and trim sails to harness the wind. Covers boat handling, sail trimming, anchoring, docking and undocking, safety, cruising, man overboard recovery and racing basics. 100 min.

$29.95 Y9101DVD

DVD Improve Your Sailing Skills

For the Intermediate Sailor!

Produced for the sailor with some sailing experience, Improve Your Sailing Skills, is filled with the information needed to help any sailor become an expert.

Each topic is presented by top racers in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner to make learning as easy as possible.

Sail Trim.
Draft Control.
Spinnaker Handling.
Tacking and Jibing.

$34.95 Y385DVD

DVD Set The Annapolis Book Of Seamanship Series With John Rousmaniere


5 Program DVD Set includes the following five programs.

Crusing Under Sail
Heavy Weather Sailing
Safety At Sea
Sailboat Navigation
Daysailors Racing & Sailing

Based on the famous book and narrated by the author John Rousmaniere - this award-winning DVD series are some of the most outstanding programs in their field.

As one of the sports' most acknowledged authorities, John Rousmaniere has covered more than 30,000 miles of blue water and has written fifteen books about the sea and sailing. Yach Racing and Cruising World Magazine awarded him its Medal of Achievement for Contribution to Yachting.

$144.75 S9370DVD

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