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Cruising Western Long Island Sound

Mix fantastic cruising waters, sandy beaches, protected bays, hundreds of islands, fun fishing, outstanding near-water dining & you have Long Island Sound. This video profiles major ports from Hell Gate to Branford CT, crossing to Mt. Sinai then following the Long Island coast back to Manhattan. With coverage of charts, navigation advice & safety tips. 55 min.
$29.95 C503DVD

Cruising Guide To The Hudson River

An informative & entertaining cruise along the Hudson River. Covers the major ports & harbors, marine facilities, dockside restaurants & lots more that will make you're next Hudson cruise much more enjoyable. 55 min.

$29.95 C498DVD

Airborne - A Sentimental Journey

Wm. F. Buckley Jr., along with his son and friends, takes you across the Atlantic on his yacht, "Cyrano." Learn from this Trans-Atlantic veteran about weathering storms, hove-to, knock downs, rigging and provisioning in his inimitable fashion. 145 min.

$24.95 C322DVD

The Way South Vol. 1: Norfolk To Fernandina Beach

"A must viewing for anyone considering or planning a cruise south on the Intracoastal Waterway."

Join us for a mile by mile, town by town trip down this fascinating and historic waterway. Discover the places to go, the marinas to visit and the sights to see during your trip. Includes views from the air, land and sea. A must see for anyone considering or planning a cruise south on the Intracoastal Waterway. 60 min.

$29.95 C351DVD

Transatlantic With Street

Crossing the Atlantic under sail is an experience every yachtsman dreams of. This program takes you through the 5,000 mile Trade Winds route from Ireland to the winter sunshine of the Caribbean. A 44 foot yawl with no engine, an amateur crew and Don Street, author of The Ocean Sailing Yacht – and The Caribbean Cruising Guide, make this a passage packed with practical value. The first landfall is Vigo, just to weather of Cape Finisterre - in the shipping lanes in dense fog with only a sextant and an ancient RDF to help you. Then out across the bare ocean to the tiny island of Porto Santo. There’s enchanting Madeira, the haunting isolation of the Salvage Islands and the commercialism of the Canaries. The Trade Winds fill in at 20 N., where we start the exciting reach down to the Third World of Cape Verdes. The last leg is 2100 nm downwind. We see whales and almost loose the mainmast before ending our Atlantic crossing on beautiful Antigua.
120 min

$29.95 C440DVD
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