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Enjoy our most beautiful Mermaids as they bare their beauty for your enjoyment, under the water, in lush jungles and on golden beaches. Penthouse Pet Kelly Wilde and Hollywood starlet Lori DeLinda travel to Palau in Micronesia and reveal their most intimate fantasies. Meet the beautiful Ling Li in this seductive tale of espionage and underwater fantasy. Mermaid Ingrid Russel pursues her dream of romance in the playgrounds of the Caribbean. Learn the erotic secrets of Isabella, The Queen of Spain and the Great Discoverer Columbus as they dive the crystal waters of the Caribbean islands. Enjoy unhibited Penthouse Pet Kelly Wilde and Nicole Dirnberger star of "Silk Stalkings." Watch our hot sensuous Mermaid stars as they celebrate their charms. See the scenes TOO HOT for the original! Brazilian nights get super model Tracy so aroused that haunting, sexy flashbacks give this video an ethereal ambiance. Witness the sensual charms of Amy. Romp with beautiful Mermaid Sunny Slade. Dive with Lisa as she takes Hedonism II in Jamaica by storm. Follow Lori Pallett as she and Tia our first black Mermaid set Mexico on its ear. Featuring Loni Douglas and Julie Black we challenge you to find more breathtaking well-endowed beauties! Join Julie as she swims naked through paradise. Freedive with our beautiful Mermaids. Join Shawna, Amy, Julie and Lisa as they frolic about beautiful Journeys End resort diving in the buff. Dive the crystal, clear waters of Cozumel with a delectable trio of maidens. Totally revealing and uncensored beautiful Mermaid frolicking in the sun and surf. Six beautiful athletic girls bare all in a collection of sensuous underwater and above water dance routines. A leather clad beauty on a motorcycle and two exciting women in a hot tub provide more wet, wild and very erotic fun! Savor the intoxicating blend of gorgeous girls, golden sun and powdery beaches. Two lusty, busty, Texas girls beat a fisherman at pool winning a bass fishing trip. Once out on the lake the girls decide to get naked arousing not just the fish! The world's first fishing fantasy! Take a wet and wild ride with some of boating's fastest offshore powerboats along with some of the most beautiful women ever seen at 50 knots or more! Fast and furious, sexy and sensuous, it's high speed and heavenly bodies from start to finish. Contains nudity. Nicole Burton, from the pages of Playboy, is one of the 12 beauties that grace the screen.

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